Adelson and Bartlett compete to show worst judgment, least scruples! Perkins looking better every day.

Written by Ron on October 30th, 2009

Tulsa’s party-hack mayoral candidates Tom Adelson (D) and Dewey Bartlett (R) continue to set the bar lower and lower in their battle to show which one can demonstrate the least amount of leadership and poorest judgment.  I’ve been watching and sometimes participating in campaigns for a number of years now, but cannot remember  seeing one that has had so little  substance, yet been so full of mud-slinging. Neither candidate really has much political history or background despite holding minor offices, so the campaigns are harvesting every word ever spoken and driving every past vote or stance to some sort of bizarre extreme.

The latest one has Adelson’s ad showing an apparent child molester on a playground and proclaiming that Bartlett would leave your children to fall victim to these criminals. What’s next? Will Bartlett’s campaign create an ad or yet another mailer showing Adelson crushing kitten heads or feasting on dead bodies of puppies?

The one thing that is abundantly clear to me is that both of these morons (and their campaign managers) should be tarred and feathered, then run out of town on a rail. How a candidate campaigns shows their judgment and their ethics (if any) and these two idiots have shown themselves totally unqualified to run a snow-cone stand.  Plus, the incredible amounts of money that the Bozo boys are spending means that if either of these slanderers gets elected, there will be a lot of favors to return.

I didn’t find Bartlett or Adelson particularly appealing at the start of this contest – but thanks to their combined efforts I genuinely loathe them both now. You may say that this is just campaigning or that I should focus my anger and disgust on the campaign managers—but the candidates approve this crap or it would not be going out. People show you their true face when they are striving for something they desperately want.

If ever there was a time to ignore political parties and just examine the candidates, this is it. I’m trying my best to found out all I can about the independent candidate Mark Perkins.  So far I like what I see and unless he decides to get in the sewer with the other two, he will have my support and vote.


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