Want me to switch to paperless billing, give me a discount!

Written by Ron on August 27th, 2010

Stop with the green crap about paperless billing. It’s real simple, not having to print and mail statements and invoices will save them a pile of money. Therefore, offer me a discount to go paperless.

These are starting to get bothersome as I pay many of my bills online. The thing now is to have the default button when you login or complete the transaction to enable paperless billing because they know that many of us will just continue to hit the highlighted button or return key.

There have always been some businesses that operate right on the ragged edge of fraud and frequently needed scrutiny by prosecutors and consumer advocates, but it is rapidly becoming the “norm.” Rigging web sites to push people into things that they would not otherwise accept is just the latest trick. I very much prefer the free-enterprise system to anything else that has been tried or proposed — but there is a dark side to it as well, simply because it is run by humans.


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