I’m sick of “economic news” and the myth of Washington being able to fix the economy

Written by Ron on August 26th, 2010

I’m really getting sick and tired of hearing every stupid statistic trotted out as Breaking News and then a flurry of  professors and so-called experts from former administrations wringing their hand about what this may or may not mean. This week it is home sales. Let’s see, unemployment still high so not many home sales, what a shocker.

The one thing that should be abundantly clear from all of this is that Washington does not control the economy, no matter how much they borrow from abroad to throw at selected industries in the name of spurring economic growth or recovery or whatever.  It doesn’t matter whether the administration is controlled by either party, the whole economic engine of the country is just too big and too complex for the goofballs in D.C. to do anything more that twiddle around the edges and drive the national debt to new heights. The only difference in the two political parties is who they give our tax money to in order to pay back campaign contributions. No amount of government spending whether on missiles and ships or teacher unions and road construction is  going to bring back a middle-class with jobs and futures and realistic hopes of retiring some day.


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