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Why does Nancy Bolzle want to be the Tulsa County Assessor?

Monday, November 1st, 2010

I simply cannot get a reasonable answer to this question. I’ve looked over her web site and found the usual pablum about values and community that every candidate proclaims, but nothing that would explain why this lobbyist and social set wife of a local land developer suddenly feels the need to seek an elected office – and why this office in particular.

In fairness, I have to admit that I do not pretend to know what is in anyone’s  mind. That said,  I just cannot see how someone who says they want to do all this community enrichment would see the county assessor’s office as the place to do it. On the other hand, someone who is a well connected lobbyist and has a land developer in the family could see lots of opportunity at the assessor’s office. It’s not like she needs the income from a county job. Today’s post at BatesLine brings up some other issues as well.

What I do know is that Ken Yazel, as a veteran Marine Corps officer, is a graduate of one of the premier management schools in this country. As a Mustang officer, Ken rose through the enlisted ranks before becoming a commissioned officer. If you can lead Marines both as an NCO and as an Officer, you can manage about anything else.

Ken also has impressive schooling in finance, accounting and auditing. The problem may be that he is just a little too fair and honest for some who want to run Tulsa County as their fiefdom.

At a time when both public and private budgets are stretched thin, the last thing we need for a county assessor is a lobbyist with lots of “special friends and clients” and no apparent background or knowledge that would remotely qualify her for the job.

If fairness and integrity matter to you, keep Ken Yazel as the Tulsa County Assessor.