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No! I don’t have or want a “rewards” card!

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

OK, this has gotten totally out of control. Rewards cards for retailers, whether food or auto parts or pet food is just another way to get your demographic data for targeted marketing use. I’m sick of it. I’m not about to carry dozens of little plastic cards around so that I can someday get a 1.3% discount on your already overpriced bagels and sandwiches, etc. From now on my response is going to be either “sure I’d love one, then throw it in the trash in front of the cashier, or “no I do not have or want one and if you mention it again we can cancel this transaction.”
Granted the “rewards card” is not nearly as predatory as the thinly veiled scam called “extended warranty” on everything from computer keyboard to athletic shoes, but it’s just as irritating.
If taking my money for this purchase is not sufficient, then I clearly need to be making this purchase somewhere else.